Different Types of Career Guidance

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Different Types of Career Guidance

Career guidance involves giving advice and supporting clients throughout various life changes. This type of counseling is often offered by a career counselor. This type of guidance helps people make better decisions and better manage their life’s transitions. Career guidance can help you decide what career path to follow and how to achieve it. There are many different options for career guidance.

Career counseling

Career counseling is a professional service that aims to help people make the right decisions about their future. Typically, it takes place in an educational or workplace environment, although it may also be provided in community settings. The purpose of career counseling is to help a person choose an occupation that will be both rewarding and satisfying for them. It will consider a person’s interests, intelligence, and skill set. It can also be provided in groups.

Career counseling can be helpful in finding a new job and making major career changes. It can also help people become more effective employees. Whether a person is a recent graduate or an older adult, career counseling can help them navigate the complexities of making career decisions. Furthermore, the process of career development is lifelong, and people will change their interests and preferences as they go through their careers. In addition, career counseling helps people identify who they are and what they want from a career.

Career counseling can help people make their initial career decision, or choose a full-time career. It can also help people make an action plan. Career counselors are trained to consider multiple factors and balance them effectively.

Leverage Edu

Leverage Edu aims to simplify the process of international admission for Indian students. It connects them with more than 200 dream universities in 30 countries and facilitates their admission. Each year, over one million Indian students pursue higher studies abroad. In 2017, India was the second largest source of foreign students after China. However, the sector is still unorganized. Only five percent of the market is organised and the rest is dominated by mom-and-pop career counsellors. In addition, premium educational consultancies are out of reach for many Indian students.

Leverage Edu aims to become the largest education services company in India. The company uses an AI algorithm to match students with mentors and experts in different fields. This ensures that students receive personalized advice. Moreover, the company is committed to helping students find the right career for them. For this, it charges no commission from colleges. Its online platform gets more than 200,000 visits per month and is aimed at students from Class 8 and up.

In addition to helping students choose the right university, Leverage Edu also offers a comprehensive head coach for students and emerging professionals. Its technology-based platform matches students’ profiles and credentials against millions of data points. By using this, Leverage Edu can match a student’s profile with the right university within two hours.


MyPlan is an online tool that can help you make the most informed career decision possible. It uses a series of self-assessments to help you find out what type of career you are interested in. It also offers information about various career options and employment trends. It also features a video library and a career database.

The MyPlan online tool includes personality assessments and a variety of career choices and occupations. It also lists colleges and schools where students can train for these careers. However, it doesn’t provide every answer, so be sure to do more research before you make a final decision. To access MyPlan, you must register online. Once you’ve registered, you will need to enter your license code and password. Do not put the license code on an open web page.