13 Cat Breeds That Will Melt Your Heart with Their Love for Dogs


10. Turkish Van

Turkish Van
  • The Turkish Van is a unique breed of cat that originated in the region surrounding Lake Van in Turkey.
  • They have a distinctive coat that is mostly white with patches of color on their head and tail. The color can range from red, cream, black, or blue.
  • Turkish Vans are known for their love of water and are sometimes called the “swimming cats.” They enjoy playing in water and have been known to jump in the bathtub or shower with their owners.
  • They are a large and muscular breed of cat with a playful and affectionate personality.
  • Turkish Vans are intelligent and can be trained to do tricks or walk on a leash.
  • They have a reputation for being healthy and long-lived, with some living into their late teens or even twenties.
  • Turkish Vans are believed to be one of the oldest cat breeds, with a history dating back to ancient times.
  • They are also known as the “Van Kedisi” in Turkey, which means “cat of Van.”
  • Turkish Vans are a rare breed, and it’s important to find a reputable breeder if you’re interested in getting one as a pet.

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